30th Annual

Pearl  Pass  Tour

Crested Butte, Colorado

September 2006

Pearl Pass Tour
Crested Butte to Aspen

Sunny at the moment.
The forecast was for clearing in the afternoon and clear Sunday.

           Jim Hasenauer  Scott Nicol         Glo   Joe Breeze                                ?                             ?                         Mike Kelley

Snow moved in just as
we started the ride.

Maurice Tierney - Dirt Rag Publisher

   A welcome break
   in the clouds

If your feet are
already wet , you
might as well ride.


Reason to smile.

The storm is breaking up, the scenery is awesome, the riding is great and it's getting warmer.

Heading down the canyon

Best section of the ride - the short-cut

Splendid Contrast


              Anyone for a dip?


Heading up Lower Loop

Paradise Divide
in the distance

Monday  Dyke Trail

   At Lake Irwin

  Left to right

 Doug Bradbury

 Mike Denton
 Kay Peterson-Cook
 Patrick Myall
 Jim Haagen-Smit
 Don Cook (1989)

Jim and Cathy

More Photos from this trip:

   Photos by
       Scot Nicol
       Don Cook
Joe Breeze under construction
       Graham Ullrich and Mat Barlow
I'll be adding these as soon as I can
       Jim Haagen-Smit 
       Michael Kelley
       Tom Mayer

If you have photos you would like to add to this collection, contact me for details on how to send them. I will edit them for you and place them on this site.

I'm planning on putting all of the photos on a CD at full resolution plus photos from the Legends Ride and Hall of Fame Reopening Celebration - 2003
These could be used for your screen saver, slide show or printed out.
The CD will be available for $15 with proceeds going to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. (This is still subject to the approval of the  photographers .)

If  you can get me the names of people not mentioned in any of the captions or wish to add captions to any of the shots let me know.
Check back.  I'll add more photos and the captions as soon as I can.

There are a lot more to come.