Photos by Graham Ullrich and Mat Barlow

Edited by Tom Mayer

                                     cktails Friday night before the tour, Mat Barlow                             and Graham Ullrich

               Mat Hebberd (Rim Tours) preparing dinner                        ?,                          Buck Myall, Patrick Myall

      Kirstin Peterson (Rim Tours)             Graham Ullrich             Dave Lindsey                                  Mike Dahl


              Matt Hebberd, Scot Nichol

Sunday on the Lower Loop

We didn't get to ride into Aspen, CO on Sunday, but we had a great ride on
the Lower Loop and Smith Hill instead.

Mat Barlow (son of Hank Barlow and Kimberly Schappert, founders of Mountain Bike Magazine) - Sunday Lower Loop ride

             computer Geeks - Graham and Gnurps

H Baumm


                           Patrick Myall                        Mike Dahl                      Mat Barlow

Kirstin above Slate River

Lisa Crampton
                            ?              H Baumm  Mike (back),          Tom Mayer (front)   ?           K.P.            Graham  Jim  ?   Cathy

   A great view from Smith Hill    Thanks to the land owners for granting us permission for this ride.

K.P.                                           Matty                                   ?
K.P., Matty, ?

                       Mat, Mike - Farris Creek trail Monday

Mat                                              Graham - Farris Creek                     

Graham with Duke - Farris Creek

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