Photos by Gnurps

Edited by Tom Mayer

Meet Gary Sprung aka Gnurps.  He was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2005.  Check out his bio in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.  Gary has made and continues to make a tremendous impact as an advocate fighting for our future on the trail. 

He's also a great photographer, so enjoy some of his shots in this section..

Check out his website at He's got some great shots of the Legends Ride & Museum Sneak Preview Party a couple of years ago.

(year) after a name is the year the person was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.  It was great to have so many inductees together again for a ride.

Jim Hasenauer (1998) catching the gold

Glo and Rod Nash in the Museum.


Rod is the author of Wilderness and the American Mind      

Glo is now the director of the Mountian Bike Hall of Fame.

? and Duane  tell stories of the first Pearl Pass ride. They were there.

Kay Peterson-Cook (1995)       

                                   Cindy Whitehead-Buccowich (1990)                                               Scot Nicol (1990)


               Eric            H-Baumm            Patrick Myall

Jim Haagen-Smit


   Don Cook (1989) giving the pre-ride info

        Michael Kelley(2002)   Lisa           Kay     Joe Breeze(1988)         ??           Cindy                         Scot        
                                             (Don't miss Donita's for some of the best food in town.)

The clouds drop and snow starts as we head up Brush Creek Road.

About 90 riders signed up for the tour.     Snow falling on Strand Hill can't dampen our spirits.

The contrast is spectacular and reminds us winter is not that far away.

Most of the bike ridden over the pass in those
early years weren't much different than this one.

Gnurps absorbing the grandeur


The sun is out and it's awesome.

Maurice Tierney (2002) Publisher of Dirt Rag

Maurice and Sandy meet

The by pass is a little muddy and it's a steep drop to the creek below. Sandy plays it safe.

  Tom Mayer (1992) warm and dry despite the cold and wet.

Fresh snow decorates Whetstone Mountain as winter trys to rush fall meet.

Splendid Serenity

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was filled with the sharing of great friends and awesome scenery.