Sandia Crest - 9 Miles Picnic Ground Area

Put yourself in the picture. Come join us for a ride.
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Photos by Tom Mayer
All photos copyrighted 2003
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Come and join us for a ride!

SUNDAY AFTERNOON - October 12, 2003
We'll ride the Capulin Trail and Challenge Trail to the 9 Mile area where
we'll explore all the trails around the Capulin and 9 Mile picnic areas.
Here's your chance to add a bunch of local trails to your riding diet.
I'll be riding for about 5 hours but you can go back whenever you like since
we'll always be relatively close to the Crest Highway.
MEET: at the east end of the Believer's Center parking lot at 11:40.
320 Waterfall - The big church as you head out old Route 66
We can car pool to the parking lot on the highway just below the ski area.
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