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Comprehensive Trail Guides for Mountain Biking in the Jemez Mountains

Mountain Bike Rides

There is no charge for these rides.           (You have to type it in. I hate spambots.)

Upcoming Rides

weather permitting:
October 7,8
October 21,22
November 4,5

Send an email to R.S.V.P.

I will be going a day or two before plus a day or two after these weekends. You can join me on those days too, if you prearrange it.

That will be it for this year.

Come and join me for a day or more for some incredible mountain biking.

If you are not familiar with this area, check out the photos in my gallery.

If you searched All Trails, Trail Forks and other map sites you have found that there are very few trails shown in the Jemez Mountains.
The reality is there is an abundance of riding opportunities waiting for you but you have to know where they are.

Here are the roads on the mesas that are currently being used by vehicles.
While these are good for mountain biking, there are many more old roads and single track routes that are even more fun to ride.

I am leading rides in the Jemez Mountains again. Most of these will avoid the roads where possible.
You will not find these routes on any of the trail apps.


If you would like to join me, send me  an email and I will send you the information for the next ride(s).

Please include your preferences for ride length, difficulty, riding style and day(s) of the week. 

There are lots of options. I prefer to do rides of 15 to 30 miles, but am willing to do shorter or longer rides. 

I'll do slow easy rides if there is a large enough group that wants that. 
I'm also open to leading hikes or bike with a hike. 


I prefer weekdays, but can do weekends, too.

If you will be visiting from out of state and would like to schedule a tour, I will do that, as long as I am available for that time.

If you are looking for a 2 hour blast downhill, this isn't it.
If you want an adventure with incredible scenery at a comfortable pace, you have found the right place.

Starting Location:  Typically on the mesas at or within a few miles of FR604/607   map 
Start Time: Typically ~ 9:00  MDT

Come and enjoy a real adventure.

Local Rides

Most weekdays when I'm not in the mountains:  Daisy Maze (Tijeras Arroyo) ~7am or ~7pm while it's hot.

What's is the maze?  31miles of cool single track ranging from easy to very technical-trialsin sections.

Most Saturdays when I'm not in the mountains: Sandias.  I usually ride at least 6 hours.

 Past Rides