Virgin Mesa Rim 801

This trip will take me along the east rim of the north end of Virgin Mesa over looking San Diego Canyon and return via the north end of Virgin Canyon.

Cool rock formations in a small side canyon that will take me up onto the mesa.

Up on the mesa looking northeast

Looking south down San Diego Canyon I will be following the rim on the right.

Great views over the edge of the cliff

It was a getting pretty hot, so I took a nap here where there was a nice breeze.

There is lots of variety on this trip.

The awesome views continue.

The rock formation down in the canyon near the center of this photo is called 'Battleship Rock'.

Those with fear of heights may not appreciate this route. I can't get enough.

On the edge of the world. The mountain on the horizon is Redondo Peak. It is a resurgent dome in the middle of the Valles Caldera.

Riding here is so cool!

Say "Hi" to the boogie man. The nichos are nice to curl up in, if you need to sit out a storm.

There's a canyon on the right side that we have to get around. The route follows the rim for as far as you can see.

Looking back after getting around the small canyon

Looking down on the tent rocks you can see a rock on top of one of the points. That is what caused them to form.

The layer where the tent rocks form is called Bandiler Tuft.

Try to create this puzzle and you might crack up.

That's where I'll be going.

These formations are called "Tent Rocks". There are many.

A closer look

When you ride through here, look where you want to go, not where you don't.

Love those tent rocks

I'll be leaving the cliffs and heading back up the other side of the mesa.

Going up Virgin Canyon on the way back. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the return trip. You'll have to see that part on another trip.

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