North Virgin Mesa 803

The goal of this trip was to evaluate an alternative route to get to Virgin Mesa and to check out the blue tracks on the north end of the mesa.

On the way I checked out the side canyon loop labeled 'hike' here on foot. 

  The canyon started out really nice, but soon became pretty challenging.

There were some pretty cool rock formations.

So far it looks challenging, but do-able.

This part could be a real challenge.

  This part says this is probably not going to happen.

Reaching the bottom of this side canyon gets really nice, as is most of it, but it's what's in between that would make this impractical.

  The rest of the loop hiking going counterclockwise was a cow trail.
  which could make a good alternative to using the road for that part.

After a short stretch on the road, I start up a side canyon that will take me up to the mesa.

The scenery going up the canyon is nice, but the cow trail is a little steep.

The canyon mellows out here, but has lots of dead aspens ahead. As hot as it's getting at this point, I didn't feel liking having to lift the bike over a bunch of small logs, so I opted to take the cross trail to the south. The next small canyon was the same way, so I kept on going south.


This is the 3rd small canyon (purple track on the map).  This used to be a road. Not anymore.
 It goes to one of my favorite tent rock areas.  I'll have to find another way to get there.


I used to hike down to these tent rock before the road got impassible.

I'll have to make a gallery for this area.

 Heading back south along the rim

Such a great place!

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