Cebollita Mesa Loop w805

This ride is on Cebollita Mesa. It has a lot of variety. It is 17 miles long and the climbs are gradual.

Viewed from another angle.


The route goes up the side canyon on the rigtht.

Going down the top of one of the smaller mesas

The route goes through this "rock garden".

These ponds are called 'dirt tanks'.

More "rock garden"

This route goes through a bunch of this.

The route wraps around these, but you can go over, if you like.

Drop gradually to the canyon below..

Cruising through the aspens on another smaller mesa

Another dirt tank after coming up a the long canyon in the next photo.

This is usually nice and green. It has been dry this year.

Going backup an easy canyon

On the edge of another mesa

On the rim looking across Lake Fork Canyon

This is the land of the elusive tent pile people. Not really. These are piles from the thinning project in preparation for a controllled burn.

This used to be a lush aspen grove. Overuse as a latilla cutting area and several dry seasons has killed most of them.

I didn't take a lot of photos on the trip so some are from my archive.

This is from 20 years ago. David is no longer able to mountain bike due to a brain injury from a bike accident on the way to work.

This is a great route. Come and join me for the fun. I'll be doing it again. Don't wait until it's too late. Do it now.

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