Above the Tunnels
Saturday June 5, 2004

Meet  9:00 am  FR 376/488  
Level:  Advanced
Distance  20-25 miles
Elevation Gain:  ~1500'
several technical sections
I will be leaving for this ride Wednesday June 2 returning Tue.6/8
If you want to talk with me about the rides you will have to contact me before I leave.
The ride will be one of two choices, both are awesome rides. 
Either will be a ride you won't soon forget.

If there is enough interest, I will also lead another ride Sunday
but I must have a commitment before I  leave.

If you receive this after I've left , call Esther (294-3368) to relay a message to me.

1st Choice  Stable  Canyon  -  Cebollita  Canyon  This route has some primo single track. 
It's a graudual to moderate climb to the top with one short steep section.  Then mostly gradual downhill all the way back.

             Going up Stable Canyon

Enjoy great single track through aspens, ponderosa pines and fir.

   Fun stuff along the rim.       

Cruise for several miles down Cebollita Canyon on buff single track.

2nd Choice - This is a ride called Happy Dog from my tour guide.  This ride has several incredible views. 
The ride climbs for the first 2 miles on a jeep road.  Once on top it's cruising on single track.

Some of the are from the cliffs over looking the railroad tunnels on FR376.

Looking into the canyon between Holiday and Guadalupita Mesas

This is on the return leg, along the rim of Cebollita Canyon.

The trail follows a ledge in the cliff thru this section.

These photos are just a small taste of what you'll see on these rides.

Come and join us for some incredible mountain biking.