Brake posts flex causing loss of braking power, loss of modulation, and spongyness.
These really work!  If you don't have these  on your brakes, you need them!

   For Cantilevers
Want better brakes without the weight and expense of disc brakes?
Boost braking power!

Frames and brake post flex. 
Stop spongy brakes.

Improves modulation
Used with linear pull brakes you can lock either wheel with your little finger.

A must for trialsin

  for cantilevers - 50gm.   
  Required bolts, washers and spacers are

These colors are only available from :

Andreas Frahm / Retrospeedstyle61
Lohbergenweg 40d
21244 Buchholz
Email address: retrospeedstyle61@gmail.com

If you are in Europe, please order from Retrospeedstyle61

Chainring Bolt Set (5pc) $11.49

8mm dia. x .75mm x 15mm long
May be required when using the adapters over existing triple chainring, when crank has spacers instead of bosses