Mayer's Flower Garden
Years  ago(2008) My wife decided she would really like to have a flower garden in the front yard.
We took out the grass, made some terrain using unwanted rocks from the back yard, moved a lot of dirt and rock, planted lots of seed, bulbs and a couple of trees and then sat back and watched it grow.
These pages will take you through the project and show the results. You can see the beginnings  at  the bottom of this page.

A couple of factors prompted the decision to make the change. 
  • The city had made us cut back our juniper hedge, because it was growing over the edge of the sidewalk.  It had taken years to get it nice and full and I was working it back a little bit each year.  We were  forced to cut it back in December.  After a couple years it had still not recovered from the trauma and no longer looked very appealing. 
  • Our water pressure had dropped over the years and the sprinkler system was no longer reaching the center of the lawn.
  • We wanted to reduce our water consumption.
  • We really like flowers.

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Flowers - 2023
More flowers in abundance
Flowers - 2019
Flowers in abundance
10 Years Later - 2018
What it looks like after 10 years  
What's New - 2009
New Photos of the garden
First Snow
Flowers still blooming as we receive our first snow of the year
Flowers in Abundance
Groups of flowers in the garden
Once there was lawn and a few flowers

Some photos as the project progressed

Early Blooms
Early beginnings as things start to grow

Flower Gallery
Flowers in the garden listed alphabetically (2008)

Wildflowers in our Garden
Wildflowers we've been able to grow so far

Flower List
This is a list of the flowers in the garden (2008)

Wildflower Gallery
Wildflowers from New Mexico and Colorado
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