Virgin Mesa Rim - Part 3 w804

The goal for this ride was to get out to the rim quickly and then cover the rim on foot.

I planned to ride to the middle of the section and then hiked to the south to the point I had been the day before and then back to the bike.  Then hike to the north along the rim and back

I went to the north end of this section where I had been a couple of days before and rode south.

Still dealing with an elbow injury, I would hike the rougher section ahead from the middle.

I headed back and went around the rim on roads. This part was in pretty fair shape.

I found this cool burl. I wanted to take it back to a friend who does woodworking. I'm sure she would have made something really awesome out of it. However, I had no way to carry it.

This is an area that has been thinned.


It will look pretty nice in a few years.

HIking south along the rim, there are lots of tent rocks below.


The scenery changes constantly.


I went to where I had been the day before and then headed back.

More cool views


New trees are coming back in this area that has been thinned.

That's the route.

The route goes up from here.

Then around these cool rocks.


Then it goes through the notch in the middle.

Yep. It goes through that notch in the middle..

The route follows all the way along the rim. Completing this section, I have hiked the 7 mile stretch along the rim over the last few days. 

It was time to ride on back on the roads

There are single track routes going back, but I'lll save that for another day. 

This is the bovine equivalent of hanging out at the water cooler. These are called 'drinkers'.
You can drink the water out of them, if you have a filter.

It was still several miles back from here. This was another great adventure.

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