Skiing in the Nine Mile - Capulin Area
February 20, 2005

   Come and ski Sunday afternoon  2/27/05.  Don't know how?  If there's enough interest I'll teach a class.
   If that happens well start here in the Nine Mile Picnic Ground Area.  Otherwise there's a harder trip going
   north higher up on the mountain that I'd like to do.  
   Contact me.  or 294-3368
   Final Details:  We're leaving from my house at 12:15 
   There wasn't enough interest in the class, so that's off.  We're doing a trip of about 5 miles that will start below 9 Mile
   or near Ellis Trail head, depending upon conditions and include Survey Trail.

  Hija, Mike's  amazing 3 legged dog.

Trails in the Capulin X-C  Training Course        

There are several  areas with flats or gentle gradients.  This is a good area  to start out.

                 Snow Sculpture

     Lots of untracked snow

   The edge of the front

       Perfect conditions

Looking across Las Huertas Canyon from view point

  Looking out over the valley towards the Jemez  through the storm from Overlook Point near Capulin.

  Awesome Sunset

Blazing Sunset

  Skiing into the sunset