Sandia Mountain Skiing - Capulin Area

January 24, 2010

We had just gotten an inch of fresh snow in town. The report was that there is over a foot of new snow on the mountain..  Will there be enough base?

South Peak from I-40 heading out Tijeras Canyon

Past Dead Man Curve - I was expecting more snow than this.

Going up Tejano Canyon
The road is good.  The snow along the side of the road is telling me there will be plenty of base and I should have come up sooner.

I parked at the ski area and skied up the side of the road.

    This area always melts quickly.

Looking back toward the ski area as I leave the highway to join Challenge Trail.

In the bowl south of Capulin.  There's 3 feet of snow here now. It's quiet and peaceful. 

Just a 1/4 mile north of this spot,  there are hundreds of people at the Capulin Snow Play Area.

 I've left the main part of Challenge Trail and have the snow to my self now.

I was going to ski to the top of the Crest and play around up there, but the snow is so good here, I'm going to take adventage of it. 

Yes, climbing the 6 miles to the top for my first trip of the year did influence my choice.

It's beautiful snow as I head west up the mountain.
I'm using one of my favorite wood skis, running a green base wax with a blue kicker and touch of blue klister kicker.  The traction is perfect and the skis are gliding beautifully.

           Crossing the highwat below 9-mile PG.

      I've decided to go to the Las Huertas Canyon overlook.

  I'm on a track again and the going is easy.

  More untracked snow.  It's awesome!
I could have stayed on the set track to get where I 'm going, but you know I couldn't do that.

Las Huertas Canyon Overlook

Cliffs  across the canyon

Looking north at the Ortiz Mountains between Golden and Madrid, NM              Sante Fe Baldy is in the distance.

I'm headed for my next destiantaion, Capulin Peak.

I've just meet some new friends.  Joe, John and Bernice will join me going to the peak.

This great view is looking at the top of Tree Springs Trail on the Crest.

It's 20 degrees, but we're dressed for it, so it's not bad as long as you keep moving. This is a new route for these guys and they love it.

The wind is vicious. At least, it is at our backs.

This is the top of Capulin Peak.  We'll head back thourgh the trees to avoid the wind..

Wind Sculpture

As I near the end of the trip, it's 18 degrees.  My hands are numb even though I'm wearing  heavy gloves and it's hard to even take a picture. 
It's been a great day even though it was a short trip.  It's time to get off the mountain and warm up.

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