Don't be limited by stock gearing
You can have LOWER GEARS 
Any way you want them for steep climbs

for high altitude

for easier climbing

for maximum efficiency

a necessity for loaded touring

great for recumbents, trikes and hand cycles

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Mountain Tamer Quad Plus
Mountain Tamer Quad
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Replaces standard small chainring

Allows from 17 thru 34 teeth in the triple position

Can be used as a quad if triple chainring is 26T or larger   

Works with indexed front shifters including Rapid-Fire
when used as a triple

Works with oversize 88mm bottom bracket shells

Quick and easy to install

Very easy to change sizes

Splined chainrings

Works with 5 arm cranksets having a 74 mm bolt circle diameter

(includes wave spring and retainer)

MOUNTAIN TAMER QUADTM PLUS  sold out Replaces standard small chainring with 17 thru 34 teeth   more info

Adds a 4th chainring with 16 thru 34 teeth

Works with oversize bottom bracket shells

Very easy to change sizes

Splined chainrings

Allows wide range of gearing with optimal gear spacing

Works with 5 arm cranksets having a 74 mm bolt circle diameter

(includes wave spring,spacer and retainer)

  • Adds a 16 thru 21 tooth chainring in the 4th position
  • Used with standard triple chainring
  • Very light weight - 59 grams with 16 T
  • Allows wide range of gearing
  • with optimal gear spacing
  • Threaded chainrings

All Mountain TamerTM adapters work with cranks having
standard  74mm bolt circle  (43.4mm hole spacing) 5 bolt pattern only.
They are not compatible with 4 arm cranks or cranks with 68mm BCD.
Check with Andel Enterprise Co. Ltd. for 74mm BCD cranks.
or search on eBay. Use 'crank 74 110' or 'crank 74 130' as the search string.

Splined - 16 teeth  sold out

Splined - 17 teeth  sold out

Splined - 18 teeth sold out

Splined - 19 teeth  $15.95

Splined - 20 teeth  $15.95

Splined - 21 teeth  $11.95

Splined - 22 teeth  $12.95    

Splined - 23 teeth  sold out

Splined - 24 teeth  $15.95    

Splined - 25 teeth  $15.95

Splined - 26 teeth  $11.95

Splined - 28 teeth  $12.95 

Splined - 30 teeth  $12.95 

Splined -  32 teeth    sold out

Splined - 34  teeth $12.95 ea.

Splined - 38 teeth    sold out 

Threaded - 16-17 teeth  16T,17T sold out

Threaded - 18-21 teeth $8.95 ea.     20T sold out

110mm 34 teeth inner  check for price

74mm 24, 26, 28, 30 teeth triple - inquire

any other standard chain rings - inquire
Also check the Bargin/Closeouts
 for great deals on other chainrings
Where to look for these sold out chainrings:
Note: The splined chainrings above are Suntour freewheel cogs.  Suntour is out of business and the cogs are no being made.  These cogs were used in the 'A' position on the following freewheels: Winner, New Winner, Winner Pro, Perfect, Ultra, Pro Compe.  There may have been others. These are the ones I'm sure about.
The 'A' position is that of the two largest cogs on the freewheel.
I haven't found many sources for individual cogs, but there are several sites on the web selling freewheels.
Search on 'Suntour freewheel' to find them.
For some excellent photos and drawings of the freewheels see YellowJersey

The threaded chainrings are Normandy-Mailard or Sachs-Mailard cogs.  They are the 'MR' or 'GY' position.
The only site I found was


Replacement Spacers/Retainer
BD spacer for Mountain Tamer QuadPlus $2.00
Wave spring for Mountain Tamer Triple or Mountain Tamer Quad Plus  $2.50
Retainer for Mountain Tamer Triple or Mountain Tamer Quad Plus  $1.50

        The wave spring applies the proper force to always ensure a tight fit
        of  the chainrings allowing for tolerance variation.

        The retainer holds the chainrings securely and will not come off even             in the
most adverse conditions, yet can be easily removed with a                 small screwdriver or blade.

Included with the adapters

Bottom Bracket Cup Spacers $2.75 ea.
Allows fine adjustment of the chainline by shimming the BB cup away from the frame.
    • 1.0mm
    • 2.0mm
Chainring Bolt Spacers $4.95 set of 5
Allows fine adjustment of the chainring by shimming the adapter away from the crank
or may be used to adjust the spacing of the middle or outer chainring.
    • 0.6mm
    • 1.2mm
Chainring Bolts $7.49 set of 5

           8mm dia. x .75mm x 8mm long


GORILLA BRAKE BEEFERS  19.95 ea. Special price $12.95 each or $19.95/pair
Brake posts flex causing loss of braking power, loss of modulation, and spongyness.
These really work!  If you don't have these  on your brakes, you need them!
Somebody in Japan is trying to sell them on eBay for $154.73 + $29 shipping
   for cantilevers
Want better brakes without the weight and expense of disc brakes?
Boost braking power!

Frames and brake post flex. 
Stop spongy brakes.

Improves modulation
Used with linear pull brakes you can lock either wheel with your little finger.

A must for trialsin

  for cantilevers - 50gm.   black, red, blue or bare*
  Required bolts, washers and spacers are
   Purple - sold out
 Silver - sold out
*  Bare is not anodized.  These may be  polished  using a polish such as Simichrome to achieve a shiny finish or they may be painted or powder coated for a custom color.

If you are in Europe you can get these and more colors from Germany. Please click here.

$19.95 eaSpecial price $12.95 each or $19.95/pair

or U-brakes or roller cam brakes
only 23gm. 
only bare* left
other colors sold out
  Required bolts, washers and spacers are included.

If you have a U-brake, you really need these. 

* The bare ones are not anodized. They may be painted or polished.

black, silver,  red and green - sold out

GORILLA HEADLOCK 1"  1-1/8"  1-1/4" $19.95
Headset keep coming loose? Stop loose headsets forever.
Put it on and forget it!
For threaded headsets.
Also permits adjusting, maintance, etc. without needing a large wrench.
Great if your cyclo-touring.
Standard Special price $6.95

Special price $9.95
   silver, black, blue, purple 
  1-1/8" purple - sold out

  I've seen them on eBay as high as $99. Get them here from the source.

Great deals on parts that have been here too long.

Other New Components
Do you need a number of other parts, accessories or bike clothing and want a really good deal.  Inquire .
Minimum order for this service is $100.  Sorry, no Shimano or SRAM parts.

The Mountain Tamer and Gorilla products are no longer being manufactured.
The remaining inventory
will be kept available as long as possible.

Mountain Tamer made in U.S.A - Since 1987
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Last update 3/20/2023

Chainring Bolt Set (5pc) $11.49

8mm dia. x .75mm x 15mm long
May be required when using the adapters over existing triple chainring, when crank has spacers instead of bosses