Mountain Tamer Quad Chainring Removal Procedure

Use this procedure to remove the chainring from the Mountain Tamer Quad only.
Do not attempt this on the Mountain Tamer Quad Plus which has splines not threads.

The chainring must be removed with the crank mounted on the bike.
Do not attempt to remove the chainring without the crank being mounted on a bike.

Because of the tremendous force generated by the small chainrings used on the Mountain Tamer Quad adapter the chainring will be very tight.
The following procedure will easily remove the chainring:
You will need a strong chain whip. If you don't have one click here.
  1. The chainring must be removed with the crankset on the bike.
  2. Set the bike on the floor.
  3. Shift the chain to the outer chainring.
  4. Rotate the crank to the 3 o'clock position.
  5. Place the chain whip as shown in this photo.
  6. The end of the whip is between two teeth of the Quad chainring.
  7. The chain is wrapped around the Quad chainring.
  8. The other end of the chain whip is against the floor, or a support block if it is not long enough.
  9. Stand on the left pedal.
  10. Bounce your weight on the pedal. DO NOT JUMP!
  11. You will feel the chainring loosen.
  12. Stop as soon as it does.
  13. Remove the chain whip.
  14. Remove right the crank arm.
  15. Hold the crank and remove the Quad chainring the rest of the way using the chain whip.
NOTE: When replacing the Quad chainring be sure to apply Never-Sieze or grease to the threads.
The threads should be fairly tight. If you can easily thread the chainring all the way on with your fingers, it is too loose and should not be used with that adapter.

Chain Whips
Strong chain whips are required.
If you don't have them they can be easily made.
You only need the top one shown in the photo below to remove the chainring from the Mountain Tamer Quad adapter.
You may want to make the matching one if you need to remove cogs from freewheels  (not cassettes) that have been used with the Mountain Tamer adapter.

Materials needed:
  • 1 piece -  angle iron (steel not aluminum) 12-24" long - 1"x  5/8" (1/2-3/4" is ok) 18" is a good length
  • 1 pieces -  chain 10" long (a used chain is fine if not extremely worn)
Tools needed:
  • drill bit #27 (.144) or 5/32"
  • drill
  • center punch (optional)
  • chaintool - to break the chain to desired length
  • hammer

  • Drill a hole ~1.9" from the end of the angle iron .2" from the edge of the wider side
  • Using a center punch will help insure the hole gets drilled where you want it
  • Optional - drill a hole on the other end too
  • Attach the piece of chain by pressing the pin through using a hammer
  • You can put a chain on both ends, if you want one tool to remove and install

TOP  removal chain  whip
BOTTOM install chain whip