MOUNTAIN TAMER QUAD  PLUSTM  Details These are gone. There will not be any more.
This page remains for historical reference.
I have seen them show up on eBay.
Don't be limited by stock gearing
You can have LOWER GEARS 
Any way you want them for steep climbs

for high altitude

for easier climbing

for maximum efficiency

a necessity for loaded touring

great for hand cycles, trikes and recumbents

MOUNTAIN TAMER QUAD  PLUSTM   Replaces standard small chainring with 17 thru 34 teeth

Adds a 4th chainring with 16 thru 34 teeth

Works with oversize bottom bracket shells

Very easy to change sizes

Splined chainrings

Allows wide range of gearing

with optimal gear spacing


Having a 4th chainring is like low range on a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

You get a whole new set of gears below what you had before.


    Want even more?

    Using the Mountain Tamer Plus over the existing
     triple chainring you can have 5 chainrings.

    This setup is only recommended for a cycle with
     a long chainline, such as, a recumbent, trike or a tandem
     with the chainrings on the captain's crankset.

    The front derailleur may need to be modified.

     Very large chainrings can be used for the outer rings
     if the derailleurs are modified to accommodate them.


Splined - 16 teeth  sold out

Splined - 17 teeth  sold out

Splined - 18 teeth  sold out

Splined - 19 teeth  $12.95

Splined - 20 teeth  $15.95

Splined - 21 teeth  $11.95

Splined - 22 teeth  $12.95

Splined - 23 teeth  sold out

Splined - 24 teeth  $15.95    

Splined - 25 teeth  $15.95

Splined - 26 teeth  $11.95

Splined - 28 teeth  $12.95 

Splined - 30 teeth  $12.95 

Splined -  32 teeth    sold out

Splined - 34  teeth $12.95 ea.

Splined - 38 teeth    sold out

Replacement Spacer/Wave Spring/Retainer
Wave spring for Mountain Tamer Triple or Mountain Tamer Quad Plus  $2.50
Retainer for Mountain Tamer Triple or Mountain Tamer Quad Plus  $1.50
Note: the adapters come with a one retainer and one wave spring.


        The wave spring applies the proper force to always ensure a tight fit
        of  the chainrings allowing for tolerance variation.

        The retainer holds the chainrings securely and will not come off even             in the
most adverse conditions, yet can be easily removed with a                 small screwdriver or blade.

Mountain Tamer made in U.S.A - Since 1987

Shipping and handling is typically $7.50 for small orders, but may vary.

PayPal, money order, or check accepted.

No other addresses will be accepted.
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International Orders
Minimum shipping for Prioirity Mail is usually over $35.
First Class Mail is an option for packages less that 14 ounces.
It runs around $19
To order:  email for prompt personal service
If you wish to speak in person, I will call you back upon request.

Albuquerque, NM 87123


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updated  2/2/2023