The Maze

The original Maze no longer exists. The information below is for historical reference only. 

Daisy Mae's Daisy Maze is north and east of the old Maze. It is well maintained and has many miles of single track. Inquire for more information and directions. 

Last updated 1/10/2007
This is a real trail system where we play maze games, practice techniques, or just ride.
We finally have a real map of the Maze - or at least half of it.

Snowed Over
Maze Games

The remainder last updated 1/28/2005. This part will stay this way as it is now historic.


To maintain the integrity of the maze, we ask that you strictly follow the following quidelines.
1.  Ride only on the trails.  DO NOT RIDE BETWEEN TRAILS.
2.  Treat the trails like railroad tracks.  i.e. don't turn on the 90s or crossings.  Don't go the wrong way on a fork.
3.  If you make a track outside of the trail, please go back and clean it up.
4.  Some of the sections may be way beyond your ability.  If you need to you may CARRY you bike to another trail.  There are many trials sections.  If you find a section to difficult, work up to it with easier sections.  Don't modify sections that were intended to be difficult.
5.  Please do not publish the directions to the maze on the web.  If you don't know how to get there, contact me for directions.
6.  If you bring someone new to the maze, please explain these guidelines to them.

"The Maze" has existed for over 20 years and is currently in very good condition.  Please help us keep it that way.

There are four loops within The Maze that are marked with small plastic markers.   Some of the the markers are currently missing, we'll try to get them replaced.   The markers are before intersections on the side to turn toward.  We like to run the loops as a time trial with the emphasis on making a clean run.   For each dab (foot on the ground) add 15 seconds to your time.  If your wheel goes past the edge of the trail, it counts as 5 dabs (75 seconds).

Loop Distance Difficulty Good Time Record
Green 1.8 mi. easy 13 min < 10 min. clean
Yellow 3 mi. harder 30 ~23 min. clean
Black 3 mi difficult
Silver most difficult try to clean it

The Maze
Yes, those are all trails and there are more to the west that are not shown.
Click on the map for a larger view.

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