Where can you mountain bike around Albuquerque?

North Foothills
South Foothills
Four Hills
The Maze
Daisy Maze

The Volcanoes
Rio Puerco

White Mesa
San Ysidro Trials Area

Bernillilo Watershed

Cedro Peak Area
Oak Flat Open Space
Tunnel Canyon

Otero Canyon
David Canyon

East Side of the Sandias  (non wilderness)
Guiterrez  Open Space
La Madera Open Space
La Madera Pipeline Area

I'm working on trail guides for some of these areas.  In the mean time if you want info about them, let me know.

Albuquerque Foothills Trails
South Half

This map is preliminary and has not been proofed.  Not all of the trails or notes are on it yet, nor have they been verified.  Check back - I will update it as I add to it.  If you are interested in helping me with this effort, please contact me.

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