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Cold Frame Experiment

This is my prototype cold frame made from some discarded glass doors, a piece of plexiglass, some poly- ethylene sheet and of course, duct tape.  It worked very well, achieving temperatures  over 100 degrees. I placed it over some of the peppers and a tomato plant right where they were growning. I had a 100 watt lightbulb in there that I turned on when the them was going to be below freezing. The whole thing got wrapped in a plastic tarp at night. It worked well, surviving temperatures down to 15 degrees. I believe I could still have things growing in there all winter, except I forgot to turn the light on one night and that ended the experiment.

A look inside

It's hot and humid in there.

I should have put more leaves around the base of the plants and put the light on a timer.

Here's a tomato picked November 30th.

Here's the last pepper, picked mid December.

At Christmas we're still enjoying tomatoes from the garden. Well have Swiss chard and radishes for a while yet and carrots, parsnips, beets, onions, shallots and garlic until April or May.

I'll probably set up the cold frame in late January and see if can get some peas and lettuce going.

I'll add some photos and info on my techniques for sprouting seeds and starting seedlings later.

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