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This year I was finally successful at getting some artichokes to make it through the winter and bud. They take 180-360 days to produce. It was more work than it was worth, so I doubt I'll try to grow them again in the future. They grow like weeds in Phoenix or California, but I think we're a little to cold here.

These poppies grew as tall as Elijah.  They  were volunteers from the previous year. I collected a baggy full of seed from them. I spread them along some of the bike trails.
The city uses them along some of the roads.  I believe the seed has freeze before it will germinate. I used this patch for compost after they finished bloomimg. They are pretty easy to control, so you don't have to worry about them taking over.

We got lots of iris. 
This is one of my favorites.

Apple blossoms in abundance


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