We're thankful to have enjoyed the trails at the Maze for almost 25 years.  We thought they would be gone a year ago as the area is now being developed.

If you've never ridden there, you don't have much time to get out there and do it. The next phase of the project is starting so the days are numbered.  

Scroll sideways to see the rest of this image. In this photo the main arroyo is being filled. 'Circuit City', one of the sections of the Maze is now history.  My guess is that it will take them a week or two to fill it in unless they bring in more earth movers. The higher areas of the Maze should be okay for a little while yet, but there's no guarantee.
If you ride out there while the equipment is running, don't get in there path or near them. Please continue to observe the rules of the Maze and ride only on the trails Don't ride between trails or cut the 90's.
October 24, 2006

Update December 2006:
The 'construction' in this shot was just to 'park' the dirt there temporarily. It's now been removed. 'Circuit City' is now history.
The good news is that the west side of the Maze will remain for another year or two.
The bad news is that everything east of the silt fence is now completely gone.

The developers have been very good about letting us ride in this area.  Please don't give them any hassle for destroying the trails. It's their land. We are just thankful to have been able to use it all these years.