Hermosa Creek Trail

Durango, Colorado

I started my mountain biking journey on this trail in 1963.
The trailhead was only a mile from my home and I rode it on a regular basis. In those early days, people that I met along the trail where totally amazed that anyone would ride it on a bicycle.

This trail was a catalyst that drove my desire to ride and explore the mountains and design bike parts that did not exist at the time.


People from  all over the world have ridden this trail .
If you have ridden it, I'm sure you have fond memories of  this beautiful 20 miles of uninterrupted single track.  If you haven't ridden it, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to Durango and experience it first hand.
In the mean time enjoy the photos and picture yourself riding down this world class trail.

There is currently legislation pending that would make the west side of this area wilderness and ban mountain biking in it.

The public comment period has been extended to April 11, 2008.

Click this link 
http://savehermosa.org  for information that will tell you how you can help. It will open in a new window so you can continue viewing the photos.

Dutch Creek Trail starts here.

Hermosa Trail follows the length of this canyon.

Dutch Creek

The Clear Creek Trail starts here.  It makes a loop with the South Fork Trail and also loops to Junction Creek.  This important connecting trail would be closed to bikes if the proposal passes.

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