System Requirements

System Requirements:
    * PC with a 200 MHz or higher processor
    * (Macintosh: See Macintosh Installation.txt)
    * Supported operating systems:
          Windows 98 Second Edition,
          Windows Millennium Edition,
          Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3,
          Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003
          for Windows 95 see below
    * Random access memory (RAM):
          o For Windows 98 SE, Windows ME: 32 MB of RAM
          o For Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3: 64 MB of RAM
          o For Windows XP, Windows Server 2003: 128 MB of RAM
    * 250 MB of available hard disk space
    * ~12MB per screen saver folder installed
    * Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher screen resolution
       1024 x 768 recommended

Windows 95 is not supported, but you can get the software to run on it with some degraded performance.
Hopefully there are not many people still using Windows 95, but I know some who are.  If there is enough demand for it, I can provide special files that will run on Win 95. If you run Win 95 heere's what you can expect to happen.

The PowerPoint 2003  Viewer does not support Windows 95 therefore the CD will not autoplay unless you have PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer installed.

Some links may not go where they are supposed to.
You can still access all the slides by using [Go to Slide] from the right click menu.
Some animations will be shown in their completed state.
Some animations will run very fast.

To run this software from Windows 95 you will need to have PowerPoint installed or install the free PowerPoint97 Viewer available from
You will need to open the viewer and start the program from there.
After you install the software, Use right click on the Enchanted Mesas icon and select Properties.
Modify to Target to use the PowerPoint 97 Viewer.
You will have to do the same for related icons shown under the Start Menu

If you run from a slow computer, be VERY, VERY patient.  Do not click until one operation has completed. I tested it on 90Mhz PC with 24Mb Ram, but I wouldn't recommend it.
I also tested a 640 x 480 16 color video card.  It works but the images not pleasing. 256 Colors are not enough either.  If you're still running a computer this old, it's time to upgrade.  If you want to know how to get a better computer for very little money, let me know.

Macintosh Installation

Full Macintosh support is not provided supported for this release.  This last minute information will allow at least some Mac users use the software.  Sorry, its not simpler, at this time it's either this or nothing.

PowerPoint  for Macintosh is required to run this software on a Macintosh.
The free PowerPoint 98 viewer for Mac (available from may work, I'm having it tested now. If you want to try it, it's available free at from Microsoft at the link above. 
Additional information will be provided here when it is available.

Create a directory 'Abundant Adventures' at the location of your choice on your hard drive.

Copy the following files to it.
Slide Show.pps

Copy the 'Routes' directory with all of its files to the 'Abundant Adventures' directory.
Copy the 'Bonuses' directory with all of its files to the 'Abundant Adventures' directory.

To Run the software:
    Open PowerPoint
    Open AAmesas1.92.pps from within PowerPoint

To Run the software from the CD
    Open PowerPoint
    Open AAmesas1.92.pps on the CD from within PowerPoint
    You can create a Shortcut to do this automatically.

This page will be updated as more information is available.

Abundant Adventures