Comprehensive Mountain Bike Trail Guides
for the Southwest

Trail guides with a difference!
Each adventure has detailed color maps with a concise directions.
Each adventure has many vivid color photos giving you a virtual tour of the ride.
While this guide is aimed at mountain biking, many of the 'Rides' or  sections of them are well suited for hiking.

Whether you're biking or hiking you don't want to carry more than you have to. Why carry a bulky book or spend a lot of time reading it to figure out where you're going?

This guide is on CD.
You only carry a few pages omn your ride, instead of a book.
You can print out full color maps for the ride you wish to do.
It contains over 1400 pages and over 1900 photographs.
If printed as a book it would be more than you'd want to carry.


The guide also includes a wealth of information
including tips and techniques.

Without the constraints of conventional trail guides, this media has allowed the inclusion of lots of information with lots of photos for the novice to the experienced rider to make your experience more enjoyable.

The adventures range from very easy rides for the beginner
to rides that will challenge the strongest hard core rider.
These are all new rides that have never been described anywhere else.
Many of the adventures are mostly single track.

This volume contains:
over 1900 photographs
over 1400 pages
56 pages of maps

screen savers

All of the Rides Have Virtual Tours

The images on this page are reduced and compressed for speed.
The trail guide operates at full screen resolution.

Click here to see a
sample of the rides.

Future Volumes will have even more challenging adventures.

Volume 1 covers rides on Virgin, Cebollita, Stable, and Schoolhouse Mesas
in the Jemez Mountains close to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos.
This is an area bounded by Highway 4 through Jemez Springs
on the east and Forest Road 376 on the west and north.
Most of this area is covered with ponderosa pine. Parts are aspen, fir, or spruce.

This is one of the aerial photo/maps from the Guide

Several of the adventures have a slide show
and/or screen saver feature.
Additional Screen Saver images let you enjoy this great scenery all year long.
Registered users receive access to updates and bonuses on the website.

Click here to see a
sample of the rides.

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