Spring is here.  Things are turning green and it's time to get out in the mountains and ride.
Come and join us for a great ride in the Jemez Mountains.  I know everybody may not be
up to speed yet,  so we are starting with an easy one.  This ride is called 'Curious Daffy'. 
It's from Volume 1 of the Abundant Adventures Trail Guides.  The ride has lots of variety
and some great views.  These rides will be single track and some minor roads.

Start at FR 604/604L - I'll have a sign by that turn off saying "Bike Ride"
Click for map to Start Point  (Note we are not starting at the normal start point for this ride)
Park 0.15 miles down 604L 
Meet:  Sunday - April 23, 2006 at 10:00 am
We can add a couple some additional trails to this ride if anyone want a longer ride.
I'll make sure the pace is comfortable for you.

I will be going up to the Jemez, Friday 4/21.  You can call Esther 294-3368 to
relay any message to me after that.



This is a great route through ponderosas and aspens.

The trails are waiting for you.
Don't let us leave without you.

Don't put it off. The forest could be closed this summer.