Jones Creek Trail
 One of the great side trips off of the Hermosa  Trail - Durango Colorado

As I finished taking this picture, I noticed this buck standing a few feet in front of me. 
I looked at the buck, looked at the camera in my hand, and thought 'this just doesn't happen'...
  Some days, things go very well.

The Jones Creek Trail was rebuilt a few years ago and bears little resemblance to the original  trail which was a brutal climb straight up the canyon.  While it still climbs the same elevation, this well designed single track is a great way to get to the top.

This trail will be featured in an upcoming volume of Abundant Adventures.


On the saddle, these 2 trails are actually at 90 degrees to each other.  On the left  is Jones Creek Trail  that I came up. 
On the right is the Flagstaff-Pinkerton  Trail which follows the ridge of the Hermosa Cliffs connecting to several other trails including Bondurant Creek, Goulding Creek, Dutch Creek, Little Elk, Elbert Creek, and several more.  Behind this shot it goes south to Mitchell Lakes.