Cañon de la Cañada

Shortly after crossing into the main canyon. This  canyon is beautiful, but best ridden after a rain.
I new that, but we did it any way. It was work going through the sand, but worth the effort.
It was well into the day before we got here.   

Cañon de la Cañada is between the mesa you see behind the saddle in the center of this photo and that saddle. We went to the saddle to the right of the big saddle.

Mike on the way up the first canyon

Hiking up to the saddle
Mike taking in the view.

Pictures can't do it justice.

            Part of the view looking into Cañon de la Cañada from the saddle. Great lunch stop.
            The trail in the bottom is our goal after the hike.


       Under the cliffs on the way down

  This section is not for the timid. There are some great trialsin sections in this canyon.     The scenery changes constantly and definitely keeps your attention.

                               Heading up the main canyon. Finally out of the grasp of the sand.

An awesome place well definitely revisit, ... after we get some rain.
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